It’s not often that you find a left-handed quarterback floating around college football as an NFL prospect, but Brennan Armstrong has overcome all odds to place his name in consideration for the NFL.

When Armstrong got to Virginia, he was considered a ”football player” which means that Virginia moved him all around the field and used him in a variety of ways. In fact, in his first couple of seasons, he was primarily a run blocker who they used in a Taysom Hill-style role.

In 2020, the COVID season, Armstrong was forced into service as the teams starting quarterback, where he surprised everyone and played extremely well.

The rest, they say, is history.

Quarterbacking Ability

Brennan Armstrong has adequate arm strength. Can push the ball downfield well. Very confident in his arm and abilities. Throws some excellent touch balls. Knows when to throw with touch and when to throw with velocity. Release is very low, but he gets the ball out quickly. Will get balls batter at the LOS through traffic. Life often than not. Looks very awkward but gets through it. 

Shows the ability to throw with very solid accuracy across the field. Very up-and-down. Struggles to get the ball out accurately against pressure. Shows a lot of promise with his deep ball accuracy. Doesn’t throw accurately off platform. Shows the ability to layer the football over defenders and into soft spots in zone. Flashed some excellent placement with the ball. Does a really good job throwing the ball away from defenders. Doesn’t often place the ball into dangerous places. Surprisingly throws well through windows. 

Wants to bolt the pocket very quickly. Very stiff drop. Looks tight in the pocket. Stance is very wide, needs to try and narrow it by a foot. 

Athleticism & Intelligence

Brennan Armstrong has solid ability outside of the pocket. Very athletic quarterback. Tough runner with some explosive ability. Ball security is an issue – hangs the ball out poorly while running. Shows some interesting improvability. Very much a player who’s involved in the game.

Still learning coverages. Has to be faster to get the ball out at times. Will still stare at a receiver waiting for him to get receivers open. Needs to learn to use his eyes to manipulate defenders better. I think he can read things pre-snap relatively well, picked apart Illinois man coverage scheme very well. I’m not sure he understands zone concepts very well. 

What we want to see from Brennan Armstrong in 2022

There is a lot to like about Brennan Armstrong on tape. He has improved as a passer with every game that he’s played and we can expect that to continue not only this year but also at the next level. His accuracy is getting better as his mechanics become smoother, and his processing increases by the game.

We want to see that continue in 2022. His ability to properly utilize his legs to extend plays and not to take off running is still developing – something that will continue to get better as he learns to find that balance. We want to see more balance next year from him.

He’s potentially a low end starter in the NFL.

Ceiling: 2nd Round Pick
Floor: 5th Round

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