Minkah’s Impact

Immediately upon being traded to the Steelers, Minkah Fitzpatrick let his presence be known. In his first seven games in black and yellow he he had five interceptions, two touchdowns, and one fumble recovery. He breathed new life into a Steelers secondary that needed to be revived. Fitzpatrick’s defensive renaissance carried over into 2020 where he lead the Steelers in tackles and interceptions. A season that saw the Steelers go on an 11 game win streak largely in part to their defensive efforts. 

Last season he had the more tackles than all of the top five paid safeties in the league. It’s clear that he is an impact player who deserves to be paid his worth. 

Breaking The Bank

This off season has been all about getting paid. It seems like every other week someone becomes the highest paid at their position, a title that does not get held for long. The title of highest paid gets passed around more than the WWE 24/7 Championship. It’s a never ending game of hot potato. 

Earlier this week Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander became the highest paid corner in the league. A deal worth $21M annually leaped over Browns Denzel Ward’s deal which is roughly worth $20M annually. It seems the price is going up for everyone as Minkah Fitzpatrick looks to get an extension done. 

The Steelers are known for not negotiating contracts when the season starts and hitting buzzer beaters during the off season. TJ Watt inked his new deal on September 9th last year, hopefully for Minkah’s sake he does not have to wait that long. 

One could only assume that Fitzapatrick may be looking to lead over Jamal Adams like Troy Polamalu did defensive lines. If he does in fact want to become the highest paid safety in the league he has made a strong case for himself. Not only is he good on the field he stays on the field, Minkah Fitzpatrick has not missed a game in his young career. The 25 year old is in prime position to move his name up the list of highest paid safeties in the league. 

Predicting The Extension

At this point we all know that the salary cap is indeed cap so that will not exist in this hypothetical. The floor is Cardinals Budda Baker’s contract with a Jamal Adams ceiling. If the Steelers do not make him highest paid his deal could fall between there. But if I’m Minkah Fitzpatrick’s representatives I’d be looking to break the bank and get my guy paid. 

Ask yourself what would Jerry Maguire do? He would tell the Steelers that he wants a four year deal worth $82M. A deal worth $20.5M annually would make him the highest paid safety in the league. Of course I’m advocating for the spending of millions because it won’t be coming out of my pockets. Minkah Fitpatrick’s play, health, and leadership is all the argument he needs for his case to be highest paid.

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