The NFL offseason is in full swing, and as is common every year, it’s fun to look back at the season and think of what could have happened. Just like the title says, I’ll be analyzing each playoff team and what the bracket would look like if they could steal a player from the losing team. Players are considered fully healthy and teams also receive stolen players from other teams

NFC First Round

Rams vs Cardinals- Budda Baker (Rams)

Budda Baker is one of the best Cardinals players and would add to the Rams secondary. After losing Jordan Fuller to injury and luring Eric Weddle out of retirement, Baker would be great for them on the back end. As one of the best safeties in the league the Rams would use his versatility well.

49ers vs Cowboys- Micah Parsons (49ers)

Out of all the Cowboys starters, Parsons fits the best on the 49ers. I was close between him and Amari Cooper, but Parsons versatility as a defender as well as a force besides Nick Bosa was too good to pass up.

Buccaneers vs Eagles- Darius Slay (Buccaneers)

This choice should be pretty easy for the Bucs. Slay is still a good corner and posted a 46.5 passer rating when targeted, only 1 point higher than Jalen Ramsey. The Bucs struggled down the stretch in the secondary due to injuries. A veteran presence like Slay helps when Cooper Kupp comes to town the next week.

AFC First Round

Bengals vs Raiders- Darren Waller (Bengals)

The Bengals were in dire need of an offensive line the entire playoffs, but Waller is too good of a talent to pass up here. Not only is he a threat in an already deep receiving room, but also can be used as an extra blocker on the line

Bills vs Patriots- JC Jackson (Bills)

JC Jackson was the best Patriots corner last year and should be great in the Buffalo secondary. Tre White injured? With TreDavious White on the sideline, Jackson would help stifle the Chiefs passing attack next week. Jackson would be a force on the opposite side of TreDavious White and improve a defense that was already one of the best in the league.

Chiefs vs Steelers- TJ Watt (Chiefs)

The Chiefs don’t need much help on their offense, but adding TJ Watt to their defense elevates it to another level. Between him, Tyrann Mathieu, and Chris Jones that makes for a solid defense all around. Extra pass rush might help them get the edge over Josh Allen and the Bills next week.

NFC Second Round

49ers vs Packers- Aaron Rodgers (49ers)

This one was the easiest choice of the entire list. The 49ers should win this game again with the addition of Micah Parsons. They choose to take the reigning MVP who is a massive upgrade over Jimmy Garroppolo. 

Rams vs Buccaneers- Devin White(Rams)

In this game, I think the Rams win again with the extra help from Budda Baker. The Rams have needed a reliable off ball linebacker for a while, as evidenced by the signing of Bobby Wagner. Last season they were rolling with a worse linebacker group, one that adding White could help greatly.

AFC Second Round

Bengals vs Titans- Taylor Lewan (Bengals)

As I mentioned earlier, the Bengals were in dire need of an offensive line this postseason and Lewan is the Titans’ best. King Henry would be the choice for any other team, but Joe Mixon was one of the best backs in the league last year. Even though Joey B won the first game against the Titans, I think he does so again with Darren Waller assisting him.

Bills vs Chiefs- Travis Kelce (Bills)

In our first change, having JC Jackson is what puts this team over the Chiefs. Not only is he a great corner, he also fills a need after they lost Tre’Davious White. Buffalo choses to take the best tight end in the league as a major upgrade from Dawson Knox.

NFC Championship- Rams (Budda Baker, Devin White, Darius Slay) vs 49ers (Micah Parsons, Aaron Rodgers)

I think the Rams are still able to pull this one off. Despite the 49ers adding the league MVP, the Rams have the best defense they’ve had in years. Their defense was the weaker side last year and with 3 stars added, it puts them over the hump against their division rivals.

AFC Championship- Bengals (Darren Waller, Taylor Lewan) vs Bills (Darren Waller, Taylor Lewan, JC Jackson, TJ Watt, Travis Kelce)

Here’s where the matchups start to get interesting. The Bengals addressed their weakness on the O-Line while the Bills added some of the best at their position. I think the Bills punch their ticket to the Super Bowl in a shootout, and decide to take the best rookie receiver last year Ja’Marr Chase.

Super Bowl Rams (Budda Baker, Devin White, Darius Slay, Micah Parsons, Aaron Rodgers, Deebo Samuel) vs Bills (Darren Waller, Taylor Lewan, JC Jackson, TJ Watt, Travis Kelce, Ja’Marr Chase)

In the final matchup between two loaded teams, I think it’d be a close one. On the Rams side you’ve got players that fill holes in their weakest spots last year, while on the Bills you’ve got some of the top players at their position in the league. Overall, I think the Rams still win this game, they’ve got the better defense and the slightly better offense. In what might be the highest scoring Super Bowl ever, the Rams still come out on top.

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