It was a close one at the Rose Bowl, with the Bruins down two, kicker Nicholas Barr-Mira kicked a game-winner to end the game. The Bruins faced some adversity and were challenged in their last non-conference game. They got off to an early start capitalizing on an interception, leading to a field goal early on. However, they struggled on offense, failing to score a touchdown until the end of the first half. As the Bruins move on to next week at Colorado, there are a lot of aspects they can clean up. Let’s recap my scouting notes from the win.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson QB UCLA

Thompson-Robinson had a solid day statistic-wise but had some issues leading the offense at times. As I noted in my article last year, he has questionable throws at times. He is much better under pressure and takes what the defense is giving him instead of running. One of the biggest knocks is he holds onto the ball too long at times, similar to Russel Wilson. This makes it much harder for the offensive line to hold up, and the receivers have to scramble to get open. He had the most chemistry with Jake Bobo, who he connected with five times for 89 yards. For a guy that lost his main two targets in the passing game to the NFL draft, he’s been doing fine with what he has. With all the experience he has under his belt, he needs to be more consistent on offense.

Zach Charbonnet RB UCLA

After sitting out the last game, Charbonnet was back in full fashion, totaling 129 yards from scrimmage. One major thing to note is his receiving usage. I asked Thompson-Robinson after the game about Charbonnet’s improvements in the passing game and he noted “[He’s a] Really smart football player, we’re asking him to do a lot, and rightfully so. He’s taken all he can and some and making sure he’s doing all he can for this team in the run and pass game. I think coach Kelly is doing a really good job of putting him in different situations and using his versatility and he’s taken advantage of that.” Charbonnet is the Bruins’ best offensive player and is a tough runner.

He still needs to work on his cutting and lateral movement, as he’d rather run through defenders instead of avoiding them. He’s a downhill runner, and once he gets the ball in open space he’s hard to stop. His play style and usage reminded me of Jonathan Taylor, both being around the same build. Charbonnet would do well in a three-down role in the NFL, with a complementary back behind him, similar to his usage currently.

La’Damian Webb RB USA

Webb was the Jaguars’ best offensive player totaling 124 yards on the ground and 42 in the air. He gashed the Bruins’ run defense consistently averaging 7.8 ypc. Webb has great speed and burst, and is a great playmaker. He’s got a good frame and uses his muscular build to bounce off defenders. As noted by coach Kelly in the press conference, “I thought their running back was outstanding. People bounced off of him. He broke tackles.” He could work on his cuts and moves to evade defenders instead of running through them. Webb is a very agile back, and was split out wide and used in the pass game with similar usage to Austin Ekeler.

Mo Ostling III DB UCLA

Ostling is the Bruins starting safety, also used as a general defensive back in some of the defensive packages. Ostling led the secondary in tackles with eight and was consistently around the ball. He’s a great tackler in open space and has great lateral movement. He’s used pretty similarly to Quentin Lake and is the same type of player.

Terrian Avery RB USA

Avery had a great day on the ground as well, with 29 yards averaging 5.8 ypc. He’s a more agile back than Webb and is more of a speed than power guy. His playstyle reminded me a lot of Cam Akers pre-injuty with the way he slipped through defenders and was shifty.

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