After a shootout with Washington, UCLA returned to the Rose Bowl to face arguably their toughest team on the schedule so far. Coming into the game, the Utah defense hadn’t allowed more than 30 points, and the UCLA offense was pretty efficient. UCLA did well in all three aspects his game and showed they can play against tough competition. Next week they’ve got a bye and then travel to face the 12th ranked Oregon Ducks.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson QB UCLA

Thompson Robinson has quieted the haters for a second straight week. He’s been very efficient with the football the past two games, with a combined 7 touchdowns to one pick. Despite his experience, Dorian Thompson-game Robinson’s still has a lot of rawness to it. He’s improved as a runner this year, and he goes through his progressions much faster than he used to.

He’s not always as impressive as the stat sheet suggests; most of his big throws of the day were to wide open receivers. However, his best throw of the season came this game when he threw a dart to Jake Bobo in tight coverage. The majority of his throws were routes in the flats, which he can execute flawlessly. This game’s interception came on a bad read in which he forced it to a receiver and the corner jumped it. It then became a pick six and made the score closer than it was.

Zach Charbonnet RB UCLA

With nearly 200 yards on the ground, Charbonnet had his best game of the season. He averaged 9 yards per carry and had a 49-yard run that set up a touchdown. This was Charbonnet’s fastest lap in a long time, and he looked very explosive off the line. In this game, his physicality shone through as he ran through defenders at will. He did have a tough time getting involved in the passing game, but was otherwise outstanding.

Coach Kelly mentioned after the game that “Zach is our workhorse. With the amount of work that he puts in, and I could say that about everybody when you ask a question about a player, but the work ethic and dedication. The physicality that he plays with. You feel really confident in handing him the ball because you know that it’s going to be a positive result when you give him the football.”

Cameron Rising QB Utah

Rising came into this game with stats that were very similar to DTR’s. He had a few good throws in the first half but couldn’t get it going until it was too late. He’s a very athletic quarterback who can evade pressure or run if necessary. However, once he starts moving, his mechanics become sloppy, resulting in a lot of off-target throws from him. He does rely on his arm talent to make plays at times, as evidenced by the pick he threw into triple coverage. He did an excellent job of picking apart the UCLA secondary when necessary and taking what the defense gave him, but it appeared as if he needed to get into rhythm first.

Tavion Thomas RB Utah

Thomas played well against a strong UCLA front seven. He had the second-most yards rushing against this defense, totaling 91 yards on 5.1 yards per carry. As per head coach Kyle Wittingham “Tavion played his best game of the year. We were leaning on him quite heavily for a while there. We got to the point where we needed to start throwing it but proud of the way he played. He caught the ball well out of the backfield.” Thomas sped through defenders and remained elusive throughout the game. He has excellent burst off the line and fits in well with Utah’s scheme. He’s a prototypical power runner who keeps going after contact. The flaws I saw in him were similar to those I saw in Zach Charbonnet. Thomas isn’t the best at making people miss, preferring to run through defenders rather than make a move. He’s also not a great pass catcher and provides poor pass protection.

Jake Bobo WR UCLA

Jake Bobo, who transferred to UCLA this year, has quickly established himself as the primary target in this offense. Bobo is a 6’5 receiver who makes the most of his height. He has a good catch radius and follows the ball well. Bobo was used a lot in short yardage situations and as a big target in the end zone in this game in particular. He lacks the speed to outrun defenders, so he appears to be a tight end rather than a receiver. Because of this, Bobo is more of an intermediate yardage option and should consider switching to tight end.

Mo Ostling III DB UCLA

Ostling was the defensive standout after taking over for Stephan Blaylock, who was ejected early. Ostling led the Bruins with 10 tackles and was all over the field in the victory. He has good lateral movement and is a versatile defender. His biggest flaw was when receivers could get underneath him on curl routes and he took too long to react. There is definitely room for improvement in terms of play recognition, but the tackling ability is present.

Dalton Kincaid TE Utah

Kincaid was a great option for Rising this game as an intermediate receiver. He’s been given a route tree similar to that of a receiver, and he threatens all levels of the field. He has great hands and a solid catch radius, making it easy for whoever is throwing the ball to him. Kincaid will also fight for the ball in contested catch situations, taking advantage of his height. Because he is new to football, he could improve his overall speed and blocking ability.

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