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Owner – John Vogel

Vogel is an NFL Draft analyst and consultant who has built a reputation for his football knowledge and student of the game mentality.

Twitter: @DraftVogel

Bringing wisdom to sports – Truth to the game

NFL Sapient’s goal and purpose are to cater to what the fans want – the truth in matters, NFL opinions, and high-level analysis. So many high profile NFL insiders aren’t permitted to share certain information by the platforms they work for – ESPN and NFL Network particularly are very strict on what can be shared.

At NFL Sapient, there are no boundaries. There are no limits to the information that we can give you. We strive to bring you as close to the game as possible with the piece of media produced.

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What NFL Sapient focuses on:

Breaking the game down so that you can understand it better.

Speaking unfiltered truth straight from the NFL and other league sources.

Bringing this information to you through video, print, and audio platforms.

Covering all aspects of the NFL and NFL roster building.

“My goal is to provide complete coverage of the National Football League and all avenues from which players can be selected. To the consumers, I want to simplify the happenings so that you can understand the game – on and off of the field better.”

John Vogel (Podcast appearance, September 29th, 2020)

About NFL Sapient Owner John Vogel

John Vogel brings several years’ worth of media experience to NFL Sapient. He has built a trustworthy reputation within NFL circles as a reliable reporter. Vogel’s focus on his media is to use his student of the game mentality and understanding of the game and NFL contacts to craft his opinions and provide a balanced understanding to consumers. Vogel is credentialed by the NFL, NCAA, as well as the XFL. He is a member of the FSWA.

Vogel is currently in the Tennessee National Guard and is currently serving a tour that spanned over Kuwait and Afghanistan. He carries much of his military training to his media style and professionalism.

John Vogel’s resume

Managing Editor at Last Word On Sports
(2017 – 2018)
Vogel started at Last Word On Sports as a contributing sports writer on lwosports.com, one of the websites within the network. Within three months, he was promoted from contributor to editor and then managing editor. He ran the website and reorganized the structure, hiring editors to help manage the site and maximize the content being released. Vogel left LWOS to join Full Press Coverage.

NFL Analyst at Full Press Coverage
(2018 – 2019)
Vogel’s role started as a New Orleans Saints reporter for Full Press Coverage, where he covered the team throughout the 2018 season. Vogel took a three-month hiatus from February to May of 2019 to attend Basic Combat Training as a volunteer for the Army National Guard. When he returned to FPC, he worked mostly as an NFL Draft writer and provided coverage wherever the organization needed it on the website. Vogel left FPC to start Draft Rite.

Owner/Founder at Draft Rite
(2019 – 2021)
Vogel founded Draft Rite to be a premier NFL Draft website featuring extraordinary coverage of one of the league’s most popular events. While Vogel isn’t an active contributor to the site anymore, he still maintains ownership and oversees the website’s progress and growth.

Senior NFL Draft Writer at The Brawl Network
(2020 – 2021)
Vogel contributed multiple articles as a member of The Brawl Network and helped develop younger, less experienced talent on the network. Following the comments made by owner Mike Brez, Vogel stepped away from the network and founded NFL Sapient.